Pokate [rhymes with “locate”] was born out of the need for a home for all of the objects and artists I find and enjoy most. It’s also a way for me to share and organize the designers, products and artists that I learn about from others, especially my friends and family.

I’m Kate Pokorny, I’m based in Boston’s South End and work as a media strategist in technology media relations for clients in venture capital, consumer electronics, and enterprise software mostly.

While today I work in media relations, I went to college for Art and Art History and have spent many a month felting, soldering, fresco painting, and glassblowing.

If you want to reach me, email me:

etakop [at] gmail [dot] com

Or, follow me on Twitter: Pokate

And fan Pokate on Facebook

Read more about my own art / design project at the Yurt Alert

Thanks for coming by,


7 Responses

  1. hi kate,
    your entry is dated the day my latest project opened.
    thank you for your interest in my work.
    how can i see your work?
    will you please send me your e-mail.

  2. Hi

    That was so nice what you said. I’m glad you like the pillows.

    I am going to Ghana tomorrow to work with a new co-operative and educate them on natural dyes.

    Also since you are based in NY , I do custom rugs as well.

    I should have a website up mid to late June. So email me and I will put you on my list.

    Happy Day,


  3. Kate,

    This is a gorgeous and inspirational website.


  4. what a wonderful world to be found here on this incredible beautiful blog!
    i wish you were a curator.
    lucking forward to follow your future posts closely,


  5. Dear Kate,

    On this chilly morning,I want to thank you again for mentioning Swans Island Blankets in your recent blog-today’s my birthday and I’m under my toasty warm winter weight blanket while my husband and dog are downstairs making coffee.

    Susan Williams

    Partner + Creative Director Swans Island Blankets

  6. Happy to have found your site.


  7. What a lovely thing you do! My partner and I are just entering the realm of creating art as home decor… loving the whole community, it’s beauty and inspiration. Thanks for providing a supportive haven.

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