Ah Haa School for the Arts

A mini-lifetime ago I lived in Telluride, CO and worked at an art school called Ah Haa. Annually they have an art auction, which is a huge fundraiser for the school. Local and nationally recognized artists donate works that are sold in both a silent and live auction format, and some of the pieces are just phenomenal. After I left CO, I went back for a week for a few years and donated time to the auction often leaving with a few pieces as well, which are some of my favorites in our home.

James Moore’s work above was included in this year’s silent auction, which was held this past Friday night. I obviously wasn’t at the event this year but I put in an absentee bid (fingers crossed) for two pieces which are below. I love this buffalo but the value was out of my price point.

Kathy Hirsh’s radishes were a bit more reasonable so I put a bid in for those – I love the big brushstrokes and the pink and green colors as well.

The last year I went out there I bought an encaustic by Judy Kohin, which currently resides in my kitchen. Judy was an integral part of the school when I was there and it appears she still is there, and contributing works to the auction. I also absentee bid on this one so that I could have a set. The one I have currently is teal and yellow, it looks like bees.

George Kernan’s town above reminds me of many of the pictures that my mom collects these days, the colors are similar. This one too was a bit too pricey to bid on but I love it and maybe someday can hope to recreate it. I encourage everyone to support their local arts school as it’s a great resource for kids, especially as so many schools are forced to cut arts programming! I should find out tomorrow if either of these pieces will be on their way here to Boston!


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