Kirk Goetchius

We’ve spent the last week here on Nantucket and being on the water everyday has reminded me of a lot of things. One being a picture that my parents have in their house in Back Bay. The artist, a teacher of mine from middle school at BB&N in Cambridge, Kirk Goetchius, is someone who I lament I haven’t thought about all too often since graduating 8th grade. However, his work has always been a favorite piece of my parents. I believe it’s pastel on copper (maybe bronze or brass) sheets in a shadow box frame. I got on Google tonight and low and behold Mr. Goetchius has his own site now of course!

His work is so much greater than I remembered though to be fair as a 13 year old student I wasn’t paying too much attention to anyone but myself and Mr. Goetchius was teaching us – not showing off đŸ˜‰

As he says in his own artist statement, “my paintings are sometimes representational and sometimes abstract and often fall somewhere in between.” I think the above two pieces represent that self-definition quite well.

We spent this afternoon at the Artists Association of Nantucket and found some amazing pieces for our home. While Mr. Goetchius works on the Cape a lot and now Maine as well it sounds like, many of his pieces would fit right in at the show they opened at the association’s gallery today, “Shady Lanes, Sandy Roads.”

This one in particular would have fit right in at today’s opening (though I’m fairly certain it’s an inlet, not a road). We found four pieces though that I’ll share soon that we are hoping will remind us of this amazing vacation, the beach and sand, animals and architecture here on the island.


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