Susie MacMurray

A show is opening on Friday in England that I would give an arm to go see. It’s called Compulsive, Obsessive, Repetitive and it’s going to be at Towner. There are some awesome artists in the show I’ve heard about like Claire Morgan and some I have never heard about before. One in particular was amazing when I searched around – Susie MacMurray, I’m always blown away by the kind of artists out there doing things I love that I don’t know about…I know that’s naive, but it’s true!

I mean give me a break, fish hooks and wax – how cool is that!

So cool!

They are so great looking, amoebic and a little creepy. They give me the same feeling as Michelle Lougee’s work. Slight discomfort but totally interesting too.

 Close up – I wonder if she dips them or if she has clumps of wax that she balls up and puts on the ends of the spines.

Susie doesn’t just do amazing wax sculptures she also creates pieces like the one above, which is out of household gloves – 1400 of them to be exact. They are terrific.

These rubber dairy hoses turned sculptures make up her piece, Oracle. I think they’re beautiful.

Bet you can’t guess what those are! Saran wrap, in droplet shapes around cotton threads. Ridiculously neat the things she makes out of simple household items. I remember feeling similarly when I went to the Tara Donavan show long ago.

Susie is a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University in both Sculpture and Fine Art. The above is so great. Knit cylinder with rope…it reminds me of what the Yurt will look like, only vertical.

And this? Balloons, mesh, very neat. Everything looks like it could be found underwater, growing…awesome find for today! Good luck to everyone at the show – if you live nearby, go see it!


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