Ingrid Stout

Writing this blog has allowed me to meet some very cool people. Sometimes I find them and in some lucky cases, they find me. That is the case of Ingrid Stout. Think that website of hers is sparse? Perhaps it’s because Ingrid is just beginning her art career – she’s about to graduate from Gray’s School of Art, which I believe is part of the Robert Gordon University in Scotland.

Ingrid wrote to me and noted that she’d been looking at my blog to help research artists as my interests seemed aligned with hers – then I visited her site, she was right! Ingrid seems to find inspiration in the sea and all the weird and wonderful shapes and images it can make – shells, barnacles you name it.

I have NO idea how she made the above sculpture but I love it. I’m honestly not even sure what it’s made out of.

She wanted these pieces to look like they could have just drifted ashore and I think she accomplished that look.

This is knit! How fabulous? So many piece of Ingrid’s I wish I could make her watch because I just don’t get it. In time I imagine her blog will detail more of her process and materials – I hope!

I love them all. Keep your eye on this girl and if you’re an artist out there and you think I’d dig your stuff please share your wonderful works with me!


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